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Policy Statement

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Community Values

Drawing from the rich tradition of ancient Greek symposia, we seek to rekindle the spirit of these gatherings, transforming them into inclusive, modern salons that celebrate the depths of Hellenic culture. The ancient symposium was a place of intellectual exchange, artistic appreciation, and communal bonding, set within the intimate confines of a private home. Today, we envision a contemporary version that honors its origins while welcoming a diverse tapestry of participants, embracing the collective wisdom and creativity of our community.

Our Vision

To create a space where the essence of the ancient symposium—dialogue, camaraderie, and cultural celebration—is experienced by all who wish to delve into the richness of Greek heritage. Our modern symposia will be gatherings that foster intellectual exploration, artistic expression, and meaningful connections, embodying the democratic spirit of inclusivity and respect for diverse perspectives.

Our Principles
  • Inclusivity: Opening our doors to all individuals with a profound appreciation for the Hellenic culture, our symposia are a celebration of diverse voices, welcoming everyone to contribute to and partake in the dialogue.
  • Intellectual Engagement: We encourage the sharing of ideas, stories, and philosophies, fostering an environment where learning is a communal journey.
  • Cultural Celebration: Through recitals, music, and performances, we honor the artistic legacy of ancient Greece, inviting contemporary interpretations and expressions.
  • Communal Bonding: At the heart of our gatherings is the building of strong, meaningful connections, echoing the camaraderie of the ancients.
  • Philanthropy: In the spirit of ancient liturgies, we encourage our members to commit to acts of public good, ensuring our symposia contribute to broader societal enrichment.
Together, Let Us
  • Celebrate the rich heritage of Greece with a spirit of openness and curiosity.
  • Forge connections that transcend differences, fostering a community united by shared values and interests.
  • Embark on a collective journey of discovery, learning from the past as we look to the future.

In reviving the symposium for our times, we not only honor the legacy of our ancestors but also build upon it, crafting an inclusive tradition that enriches our cultural landscape and nurtures our community. Join us in this celebration of wisdom, beauty, and the enduring power of Hellenic culture.