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Club Rules


1.1 The name of the association is "Greek Concierge" (referred to in these Regulations as the "Club"). The Club is a proprietary club, with the proprietor being Royist Ltd (the "Company"). The Company is a private entity with limited liability incorporated in England and Wales.

1.2 A Member's association relates solely to the Club and does not extend to any other clubs or premises owned or operated by the Company. Membership does not confer any shares in the Company nor voting privileges or other shareholder rights.

1.3 Members bear no financial obligation to the Company by virtue of their Club membership, except for liability for the joining fee and annual subscription where applicable.

1.4 For the purposes of these Regulations:
(a) "Board" refers to the board of directors of the Company at any given time;
(b) "Club" shall have the meaning assigned in Rule 1.1;
(c) "Committee" shall have the meaning assigned in Rule 3.1;
(d) "Director" means a current member of the board of directors;
(e) "Member" refers to a person admitted as a Club member per any prior Club rules or these Regulations and who remains a member per these Regulations;
(f) "Services" means any services the Company provides to the Member or sources from a Supplier for the Member;
(g) "Supplier" means any third party the Company liaises with to source Services while acting as the Member's agent.

1.5 If the Company needs to contact a Member, it will do so by telephone or in writing using the contact information provided by the Member during application and as updated. A Member may contact the Company by writing to the Secretary at the email or postal address listed on the Club's website.


2.1 The Board may appoint either or both a patron and president to represent the Club.

2.2 The Board may appoint a president and two vice presidents who are distinguished persons from the hospitality industry sector.

2.3 The Company's chairman shall also serve as the Club's chairman ("Chairman").

2.4 The Company's chief operating officer shall act as the Club's secretary ("Secretary") and be responsible for the Club's day-to-day operations as determined by the Board.

2.5 In these Regulations, "Secretary" shall also include any other person(s) appointed by the Board to perform the Secretary's duties.


3.1 The Board may appoint a membership committee ("Committee") to promote the Club's interests.

3.2 This Committee has authority over membership matters as prescribed by the Board from time to time.

3.3 Committee membership is granted at the sole discretion of the Board and may be terminated or suspended by the Board at any time.


4.1 Members shall consist of Gratis Members, Honorary Members and Full Members.

4.2 Every candidate for membership must be at least 21 years old.

4.3 No current or former Company employee shall be elected a Member without the Secretary's consent.

4.4 The Company may add new membership categories or amend conditions for existing categories from time to time, posting such changes on the Club's website at least 14 days prior to implementation.

4.5 If a Member no longer meets the criteria for their membership category, they must promptly notify the Secretary so the appropriate change can be made with prior Committee approval, becoming liable for the new category's subscription rate at their next renewal.

4.6 Gratis Members are exempt from annual membership fees but are required to pay entrance fees for certain events.


5.1 The Committee may invite any person to become an Honorary Member who, in its sole opinion: (a) has provided exceptional service or benefit to the Club; (b) will provide exceptional future service or benefit; (c) is a distinguished member of the Hellenic community; or (d) represents a club associated or affiliated with the Club.

5.2 The Board also has power to elect any suitable person as an Honorary Member.

5.3 Honorary Members are not required to pay a joining fee or annual subscription.

5.4 An existing Member offered Honorary membership shall, upon acceptance, be deemed to have relinquished prior membership without reimbursement of that year's subscription paid in advance.

5.5 Honorary membership is initially granted for a 12-month period but may be terminated at any time by the Committee or Board without providing justification. Upon this period's expiry, each Honorary Member shall automatically be re-elected annually unless the Committee or Board resolves not to re-elect or terminates that Honorary Member's status.


6.1 The name and details of every candidate applying for membership shall be entered on the form provided on the Club's website. A candidate shall supply any additional information about themselves and their candidacy as requested by the Secretary.

6.2 Membership candidates may be endorsed by an existing Member, and if required by the Secretary, shall send a letter of support stating how long they have known the candidate and relevant information substantiating their belief that the candidate qualifies for membership.

6.3 Existing Members have the right to nominate up to two individuals per calendar year for Club membership. The election of nominated Members will always be governed by the provisions of Rule 6.

6.4 There shall be a minimum period of one month between the Committee receiving an application and deciding on whether that application for membership is successful.

6.5 Unless the Secretary determines otherwise in a particular case, a candidate is required to meet virtually or in-person with the membership team prior to the Committee considering their application.

6.6 The election of Members shall be by unanimous decision of the Committee, using a secret ballot if necessary; one dissenting vote shall exclude a candidate from becoming a Member.

6.7 No reason shall be provided to any candidate in the event of their non-election/denial of Membership.

6.8 If elected by the Board, the approval of any new Member will be subject to ratification by (a majority of) the Board. If the Board does not ratify such Member in these circumstances, the Board shall notify the candidate who shall immediately cease being a Member and be ineligible for reconsideration for one year from the original application date.


7.1 The joining fee payable by a Member shall be an amount determined by the Company from time to time.

7.2 The annual subscription for each membership category shall be an amount determined by the Company, payable annually on a date set by the Company.

7.3 The Committee may increase any rate of annual subscription for any Member by providing at least 14 days' notice, with the increase applying from the Member's next renewal date. The Member may then terminate their membership per Rule 9.1.

7.4 If a Member ceases membership for any reason before the full annual subscription for the current year is paid, the unpaid balance shall become immediately due.

7.5 A Member who has pre-paid the annual subscription but ceases membership before that year ends shall not be entitled to reimbursement of any portion.

7.6 However, the Company may, at its sole discretion, waive or reduce the subscription of any current or former Member.

7.7 In the event of a former Member reapplying, the Company may waive the joining fee and apply the current annual subscription rate.

7.8 Except as otherwise decided by the Company, every Member shall maintain valid, up-to-date payment details in their online membership profile to facilitate subscription and other dues pursuant to membership and these Rules.

7.9 If a Member fails to pay any amount due to the Company or Club within 30 days of the due date, the Company reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate that Member's membership, applying the current annual rate to any future memberships.


8.1 Renewal dates for annual subscriptions are set on the first day of the month the Member was elected and recur annually, unless otherwise determined by the Company.

8.2 Membership renewals are not automatic and are reviewed annually by the Committee, whose decision is final and not subject to appeal. No reasoning will be provided for non-renewal/termination decisions.

8.3 If a Member fails to pay any amount owed to the Company or Club within 30 days of the due date, the Company reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate that membership, applying the current annual rate to any future memberships.


9.1 A Member may resign their membership at any time by letter or email to the Secretary at the Club address shown on the website.

9.2 The Company or Secretary may expel any Member or guest for breach of the Rules at any time.

9.3 A Member's membership may be suspended or terminated by the Company at any time if the Company deems the Member's conduct, reputation or character injurious or potentially injurious to the character, reputation or interests of the Club or Company, or for any other reason at the Company's sole discretion. Prior to expulsion, the alleged offender's conduct may be investigated at the Company's discretion, potentially requiring a written statement from the person involved to justify or explain their behavior. Membership may be suspended during this investigation period. The Secretary, Board and Committee are each authorized to exercise suspension or termination under this Rule.

9.4 After investigating, if the Company or Secretary is solely of the opinion that the Member is or is suspected to be guilty of such conduct mentioned in Rule 9.3 and/or has failed to satisfactorily justify or explain their conduct, it may expel or suspend the offender at its sole discretion. A suspended Member shall be barred from the Club.

9.5 Nothing shall prevent the Company or Secretary from requesting a Member's resignation; if complied with within 14 days, no expulsion resolution shall be proposed.

9.6 An expelled, suspended or resignation-requested Member may not reapply to join the Club.


10.1 Members must maintain good societal standing and respect all applicable international laws and regulations at all times.

10.2 No Member shall use the Club's name, address, colors, trademarks, photographs, trade dress, logo or other identifying features ("Club Marks") in any advertisement, marketing, invitation, prospectus, letterhead or other materials for business purposes without the Secretary's prior written approval for that specific use.

10.3 Each Member expressly recognizes that the Club Marks are the valid, unique and exclusive property of the Club and Company.

10.4 No Member shall use the Club's name or address in any correspondence or published article without the Secretary's prior written approval.


11.1 The Company will provide Services to Full Members on condition that all requests are legal, moral and ethical regarding the Member's personal or corporate needs.

11.2 Members may access the concierge service per their respective membership plan, as communicated in the "Welcome" email upon joining.

11.3 These concierge service terms may be superseded by a supplementary contract signed by the Member at any point during membership, in which case the contract terms take precedence.

11.4 Certain services like events/parties, property searches, etc. may require additional agreements and fees prior to commencement, details of which will be provided upon request.

11.5 Acting reasonably, the Company reserves the right to refuse providing any requested Service and/or withdraw an ongoing Service, informing the Member promptly of such refusal/withdrawal.


12.1 All complaints shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary.

12.2 A Member shall not personally reprimand any Club employee.


13.1 These Rules may be revoked, supplemented or altered by the Company at any time, provided Members receive 14 days' notice of such revocation, supplement or alteration. Each Member may then terminate their membership before the changes take effect by notifying the Company, receiving a refund of the current membership year's unused subscription portion after termination.


14.1 The Company warrants it will exercise reasonable care and skill at all times in providing the Services, which will accord with the Member's request and instructions as far as reasonably practicable.

14.2 Where the Company engages a Supplier to procure Services for a Member, it will use reasonable care and skill in selecting and engaging that Supplier. Except as provided in 14.1, the Company makes no recommendations, representations or warranties regarding the Goods' or Services' quality, fitness for purpose or otherwise.

14.3 Members should note successful Supplier sourcing is subject to availability which may change without notice. If a Supplier becomes unavailable, the Company will reasonably endeavor to locate a substitute. The Company is not responsible for Supplier actions outside its actual control.

14.4 Members must rely on their own judgment in selecting and using Supplier Services and entering third-party Supplier contracts. Any Goods/Services provided are governed by the Member-Supplier contract, for which the Company disclaims liability or responsibility.

14.5 Any Member contracts with Suppliers are independent and not connected to or subject to these Rules. The Company disclaims all liability for any Supplier act/omission or resulting Member loss.

14.6 When providing recommendations to Members, the Company shall use reasonable efforts to ensure suitability, but does not warrant the recommendations are accurate or will satisfy the Member, who must conduct their own inquiries. The Company accepts no liability for goods/services provided pursuant to such recommendations.

14.7 The Company does not limit liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence or that of employees.

14.8 Subject to 14.7, the Company's liability from negligence, tort, breach of contract or otherwise is limited to the Member's annual fee amount if annual, with Members responsible for insuring any excess loss.

14.9 Subject to 14.7, the Company will not be liable for claims characterized as or arising from: loss of revenue, profits, business opportunities, contracts, goodwill, reputation; indirect, consequential or special losses/damages; or anticipated savings.

14.10 The Company shall not be liable for delay/failure in performing Services due to causes beyond its reasonable control.


15.1 Any dispute arising as to the meaning, interpretation or scope of authority under these Rules shall be resolved by the Board, whose decision is final and binding on all Members.


16.1 In the event of Company or Club dissolution, Members shall have no right or claim to any Company or Club property, nor obligation to discharge liabilities, nor entitlement to subscription refunds/reimbursements.


17.1 The Company may transfer its rights and obligations under its contract (incorporating these Rules) with each Member to another party. A Member requires the Company's consent to transfer their rights, only permitted if agreed in writing.

17.2 No other person has rights under the Company-Member contract incorporating these Rules, nor ability to enforce any terms.

17.3 If a court deems any part illegal, the remainder continues in force. Each paragraph operates separately, with unlawful portions severed while the rest remains fully in effect.

17.4 Even if the Company delays enforcing this contract, it can still enforce it later. If immediate insistence on a Member obligation is delayed or steps for a breach delayed, it does not prevent later enforcement action.

17.5 These Rules are governed by English law and legal proceedings regarding the Club's services may be brought in English courts.