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London Jetset

Have you been working hard all week and you just feel like escaping abroad for the weekend? At Greek Concierge we understand exactly how you feel and we are here to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Our skilled team focuses on all attention to detail, giving you exquisite luxury from the moment you leave your home. A chauffeur driven car will collect you, heading straight for the airport to fly to your chosen destination; would you like your own private jet? - no problem. Each arrangement is efficiently taken care of, whatever the brief.

London Jet set

Greek Concierge will meet the most demanding requests, from private aircraft, renting a Lamborghini or even a yacht with your own personal staff Ė glamour and privacy are on top of the list for our discerning clientele.

Our thorough nightlife experience doesnít just stop in London. We have connections with the best and finest night clubs worldwide and we are in the ideal position to make all arrangements for an eclectic night out or a crazy VIP party.

London Jetset

So whether itís Miami, Las Vegas, New York or Paris, Moscow and Rio De Janeiro we make the ordinary, extraordinary. Greek Concierge makes jet set travel exclusive, warranting at least one extra bat of your eyelashes.

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